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Water & Water Waste Treatment Chemicals

Water & Water Waste Treatment Chemicals

A full range of technologies for wastewater treatment: Coagulants, Flocculation aids, Adsorbents, Antifoamers, Odour Control

For each industry or collectivity, we design customized treatments with the most suitable combination of coagulants, additives, flocculants, for your specific wastewater and requirements.

Common problems

Turbid water and suspended solids in the outlet water

High COD and BOD

High hydrocarbons content (HC)

High content of oils and organic compounds

High volume of sludge and high water content in the sludge

High level of residual heavy metals and specific anionic compunds (e.g. Phosphates, fluorides)

Biological growth

Bad smell

Formation of persistent foam

High cost of water discharge

High cost of sludge disposal

Non accepted polyacrylamide (PAM) based products

Our Solutions

Inorganic Coagulants, we are one of the biggest producers of Al-salts in the world

Mixed and organic coagulants, in synergistic formulations for reduced chemical consumption and sludge generation

Wide range of flocculants, classical power and emulsion polymers, innovative water based flocculants, ready-to-use solutions or new generation of polyacrylamide-free flocculants

Organic emulsion splitters able to react at neutral pH and without heating, for better valorization of oil

Special adsorbing agents for the reduction of COD, BOD, HC and the removal of colouring agents

Specific additives for heavy metal and anionic compounds removal e.g. Zn, Ni, Cr, Pb, F,P

Odour control specific products for real chemical elimination

Antifoamers, silicone based or silicone-free and with low COD contribution

Sludge dewatering tretments, compatible with the main sludge filteration systems, for a better filteration and dryness