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Water Treatment System

Introduction to Chemical Water Treatment System

Al Khamsan water treatment provide you a product that is innovative, complete and easy to use.

Customer can expect the following from Al Khamsan

Solutions with high quality technical services.

Environmental and international standards.

Research and development facilities.

Implementation and training of new technologies.

Application of water treatment expertise.

Also our products has,

  • High performance
  • Maximum process safety.
  • Easy treatment control.
  • High ecological safety.
  • High economy.

          Al Khamsan water treatment solves the following :

  • Corrosion.
  • Scaling/Staining.
  • Fouling.
  • Biological growth.

There are many factors that can make a treatment effective and efficient. The following are to be given prior importance.

a). Maintaining the pre-treatment if any. This will maintain a clean system from suspended particles giving good results for TSS and turbidity readings.

b). Maintaining the salts concentration in the water. This is by proper blow down at the required interval, of the required quantity of water.

c). Proper chemical dosing of the required quantity of chemical, at the correct injection point, to maintain the required chemical reserves.

d). Advising treatment based on the water condition after each tests. Alternating if required.

e). Proper maintenance of the chemical reserve based on the half life period of the chemicals.

Improper water treatment may cause:

Blocking of pipes and pumps, Reduction of  heat transfer, Equipment failure,

System Failure, System shut down, Very High Cost for normalising the system.

Our Treatment Program does the following:-

  • Careful evaluation of plant data.
  • Treatment proposal.
  • Intensive service during start up.
  • Regular service during normal operation.
  • Review of treatment program.
  • Optimisation of the treatment program.

1). Normalising the system parameters, as per the requirement based on the advised international standards for a cooling system.

If the system is fouled, has deposits, either scale or corrosion deposit and bacterial contaminations, it is always advised to clean the system and discharge the suspended and deposited particles to passivate the system metallurgy.

Since during peak summer months, or when working with full capacity load, it may not be possible to shut down and clean the system. If possible we advise to do an online cleaning programme to remove as much deposit in the pipes and, to further passivate the system metallurgy.

Otherwise we will start treatment, and then when the system is available for cleaning, the system to be further cleaned and normalised. The treatment will protect the system further from scaling, corrosion, and bacterial contaminations. But if there is an existing deposit, and not cleaned it can cause also under deposit corrosion.

2) To maintain the system further protecting from scale, corrosion and bacterial contamination.

3) Optimizing the system condition chemically to improve efficiency of the system.

4) We solve our Customer needs. Build up long time close relationship, deliver first class quality, ecological leadership.

5) During our treatment program, we consider the following:-

Equipment, Water Quality, Products, Control & Services