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Swimming Pool Chemical & Dosing System

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Swimming pool chemicals

  • We take care of your health offering innovative and effective products.
  • We offer the following range of products

Filter & Surface Cleaner

Resin Cleaner

Surface cleaner for removing lime, grease and organic materials

All in 25 Kg Packing


Strong liquid disinfectant it Kills micro organisms, viruses and algae

It is shock dosed and regular maintenance dose

All in 25 Kg Packing


We offer stabilized chlorine 90% and 65%  powder and tablets.

Calcium hypochlorite for shock dose.

All in 50 Kg packing.


Flocculant product that precipitates and is filtered out.

In 25 Kg packing

Continuous cleaner

To control turbidity in water

In 25 Kg packing

pH Regulations:

pH+ and pH- in 25 Kg packing

Hardness stabilizer

To stabilize harndess

Alkanity +

To build up Alkanity

Calcium Control

To build up Calcium